Why Bitcoin? Three Transformative Successes

Written by Brooke C. Williams, this book asks: what is Bitcoin? Why should we care? Sometimes the biggest challenge an innovative technology faces is a simple understanding by people of its potential. The more advanced and complex our technology becomes, the more difficult it is to explain. This does not reduce its usefulness, just slows its adoption. The author draws on his experiences in a variety of business sectors and as an instructor and lecturer to outline the three essential creations at the heart of Bitcoin and explain why they matter to everyone. These three components, an autonomous network, a finite supply, and an immutable ledger are each new tools that humans have never used before, especially not in such a productive combination. Keeping to a top-level view, Why Bitcoin? seeks to demonstrate to the thoughtful reader that, like automobiles or computers, understanding this technology will become essential knowledge for all, rather than the fad some make it out to be.

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